Avabel Online Fan Guide: The Basics

Movement: use the thumb-pad on the left to move your character.

Attacking: use the big green/blue button on the right to attack. (You will auto-target the nearest enemy most of the time)

Hotkeys: you may shortcut class specific skills or consumables to any of the nine hotkey slots by selecting them and choosing "shortcut." (Use the "swirly" button to change tiers)

CLASSES: My Opinions

Rogues- A rogue's best attribute is his speed. His ability to get in close cut deep and be gone before the enemy even knows it's dead is unmatched. The rogue is easily the most versatile class there is. Here are some build options (complete with cool names XD)

Renegade- focus on STR and VIT to jump in face first and put the hurt on anything that moves. Use Rumble Vain to hack and slash then Dodge dagger to evade. Rinse and repeat.

Assassin- focus on INT and DEX to have your enemies brought to heel from a distance with Throw Dagger and Dodge Dagger. Utilize Poisons and stealthy smoke bombs to evade close combat. Strength wins fights but intelligence wins wars.

Ninja- focus on STR DEX and INT. Ninjas are adept killers using speed strength and cunning to topple armies (and evil tree monsters) Use Rumble Vain to get in close then Kill Drive to evade and top it off with a couple of Throw Daggers.

NEXT CLASS: Warriors
Warriors are the first line of defense on any game. The warriors ability to soak up damage and dish it out ten-fold is both devastating and awe inspiring.

Soldier- focus STR and VIT and you'll be a walking tank. Use Ogre Swing and your trusty two hand sword to smash anything in your way.

Raider- again focus on STR and VIT but use any one handed weapon to throw a bit of speed into the mix. Few things are as deadly as an determined Raider.

Rangers use guns and bows to devastate from afar. Line up your sights and get your camping stools it's time to snipe.

Sniper- focus solely on STR. Every shot counts so why not charge your shots? Use terrain to your advantage and charge up a hail Mary to bring down even the biggest baddies. And if some poor sap gets too close show em that the only thing deadlier than 5.56mm is the Stock of your gun using the rangers melee knock back move.

Hunter- focus on STR on INT allowing all your skills with a bow to translate into pure unrestrained pain.

NEXT CLASS: Creators
Creators are the medics on the battle field. Use raw materials to make health potions and even better: heal your friends with Potion Mist. Loyalty to your squad and a will to keep your friends alive will serve a creator well.

Medic- focus on INT and use a mace to get the most out of your healing spells.

Vanguard- focus on STR and INT to to help hold the frontlines alongside the warrior classes. Utilizing a mace and your ability to heal yourself you can hold your own with the best of the best.

Field Commander- focus on INT and DEX. you won't be up front but you control the field with acid flasks and fire bottles. Try fighting from within your healing mist.

If creators are the medics then Clerics are the field surgeons. Your healing fields are small but potent. Focus on keeping your friends alive and fighting at range.

(I haven't created any special builds for clerics. Sorry guys.)

NEXT CLASS: Magician
Hold on to your pant these guys aren't pulling rabbits from hats- more like fire balls from Hades! The magi are potant warriors and cunning scholars. Control the ebb and flow of battle with massive area effect spells.

All magi should focus and INT and MENT to have the most potant spells and the most sp to use said spells.

Magicians is by far the strongest Class in avabel online but is also the hardest class to u but if your up to the challenge them magician is the class for you.


So you wanna know what an Avatar is? No? Well I'm telling you any way. Avatars are just a fancy way of saying "Player Skins." They don't actually DO anything. They just affect how you look. Essentially they are clothes. They look nice and are expensive. You can acquire them from killing monsters. They will appear as "Chic red box" for weapon skins and " chic blue box" for armor skins.