Monsters are enemy entities that you can engage in combat with. Generally, with the combat system, you can only focus on one enemy at a time but you can still hit multiple enemies at once depending on the type of attack. Most enemies don't auto-aggro (attack without being provoked) unless they are Dungeon Monsters, Field Bosses or are Core enemies.
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Monsters Edit

Grasslands : Edit

1F Sonaria: Leaf Liz, Emu, Orc, Lizard Core

2F Wibos: Kodora, Oost, Battlebee, Emu Core, Petit Albero (Mini-boss), Albero (Boss), Alma (Boss)

3F Krips: Salmander, Brook, Brutal, Orc Core, Battlebee Core, Jabbawock (Boss), Greed (Boss)

Wetlands: Edit

4F Viral: Pauroar, Tartarga, Lotus, Pauroar Core

5F Esuna: Gilt Wig, Solurtle, Flyer, Tartarga Core, Scisstar (Boss), Crayammer (Boss)

6F Sign: Aurotol, Sui Lily, Fly Edger, Lotus Core, Flyer Core, Eclipse (Boss), Forneus (Boss)

Snowland : Edit

7F Colt: Le Flat, Snoa, Fern, Le Flat Core

8F Knicks: Zoonea, Arum, Bauris, Snoa Core, Sylvia (Boss), Veks Hell (Boss)

9F Solain: Sumaris, Syllian, Grimes, Fern Core, Bauris Core, Vairgin (Boss), Distalion (Boss)

Cave : Edit

10F Riggle: Renia, Cave Worm, Inpus, Renia Core

11F Moldoff: Kelpis, Lavi, Evilcanca, Roserus (Boss), Archtonis (Boss), Cave Worm Core*

12F Digha: Amenis, Derbi, Clive, Inpus Core, Cancer Core, V Shnida (Boss), Exoria (Boss)

Desert : Edit

13F "Gebu" : Scarabe, Cactos, Sandpiper, Scarabe Core

14F "Silkus" : Kepli, Peyotl, Xiphodon, Skulpik (Boss), Ekchurif (Boss), Cactos Core

15F "Elda" : Lukanid, Ruda, Keshatl, Lekos (Boss), Gadeious (Boss), Xiphodon Core, Piper Core

Resort : Edit

16F "Penon" : Bogi, Mellow, Sea Orc, Bogi Core

17F "Tlumus" : Puuka, Halphoo, Nex, Kalecorn (Boss), Nelace (Boss), Mellow Core

18F "Caplia" : Brownie, Hidro, Beach Pigman, Barbaros (Boss), Legran (Boss), Nex Core, Sea Orc Core*

Rocky Mountain : Edit

19F "Berg" : Yellow Slime, Goblin, Pandela, Slime Core*

20F "Ede" : Green Slime, Cobolt, Halpuia, Agrios (Boss), Sprigan (Boss), Goblin Core*

21F "Crata" : Red Slime, Lincia, Quorn, Aungahel (Boss), Nizheg (Boss), Pandela Core, Lincia Core

Oriental : Edit

22F "Shizima" : Will-o-the-wisp, Shih Tzu, Raccoon Dog, Will-o-the-wisp Core*

23F "Senju" : Fox Fire, Low Ninja Guard, Ghost Raccoon, Otakemaru (Boss), Kidomaru (Boss), Raccoon Dog Core*

24F "Mikagra" : Fire Ghost Lantern, High Ninja Guard, Guardian Lion, Tengu Bird (Boss), Yasha Tengu (Boss), Shih Tzu Core*, Ninja Core*

Wilderness : Edit

25F "Traval" : Big Horn, Snappy, Hyokopen, Hyokopen Core

26F "Cruz" : Grand Horn, Vorcan, Batapen, Big Horn Core, Sky Sparrow (Boss), Open Sparrow (Boss)

27F "Kalakal" : Ganimete, Lonakim, Dotapen, Vorcan Core*, Snappy Core, Earthbald (Boss), Gringulls (Boss)

Castle : Edit

28F "Elpio Gate" : Ghoul, Bone Archer, Sword Of Pain, Ghoul Core

29F "Gilira Hall" : Bone Lancer, Dhampir, Sword Of Curse, Nebiros Merry (Boss)

30F "Fabos Throne" : Sword Of Dark, Evil Gran Zeal (Boss), Dolcoud (Boss)

- some marked core monsters (*) are unconfirmed, but inferenced by following the typical pattern of what is known.




Monster dropsEdit

Grasslands :

Floors Monsters Collectibles Equipment Consumables

1F "Sonaria"

Leaf Liz

Memory of Grass, Lizard Scale, White Fluff, Clear Bottle, Lizard ORB Wand, Dagger, Bandanna, Handgun Blue Nut, Red Nut


Dirty Cloth, White Fluff. Memory of Grass. Clear Bottle, Orc ORB Smart (Lower), Short (Bow), Long (Sword), Bandanna Blue Nut


Small Feather, White Fluff, Memory of Grass, Clear Bottle, Emu ORB Dagger, Casquette, Handgun, Short, Mace Blue Nut, Red Nut

Lizard Core

Memory of Grass

2F "Wibos"


Memory of Grass, Small Fang, Clear Bottle, Broken Twig, Kodora ORB Casquette Blue Nut, Red Nut


Bird Claw, Broken Twig, Memory of Grass, Clear Bottle, Oost ORB Blan, Silver Blue Nut, Red Nut


Bee Feather, Broken Twig, Clear Bottle, Memory of Grass, Battlebee ORB Silver, Casquette, Blan, Turret, Hard Blue Nut, Red Nut

Albero (Boss)

Memory of Grass

Alma (Boss)

Memory of Grass
Emu Core Memory of Grass
3F "Krips"


Iron Piece, Clear Bottle, Glowing Grass, Memory of Grass Kaiser, Copper, Steel Blue Nut, Red Nut


Memory of Grass, Dragon Scale, Glowing Grass, Clear Bottle Copper Blue Nut, Red Nut


Bee Needle, Memory of Grass, Clear Bottle, Glowing Grass Composite, Casquette, Solid Blue Nut, Red Nut

Jabbawock (Boss)

Memory of Grass

Greed (Boss)

Memory of Grass

Brook Core

Memory of Grass

Bee Core

Memory of Grass

Wetland :

Floors Monsters Collectibles Equipment Consumables

4F "Viral"


Big Leaf, Dead Branch, Memory of Wet Plant Cross, Bronze, Iron, Quily Blue Nut, Red Nut


Dead Branch, Shell Piece, Clear Bottle, Memory of Wet Plant Mary, Wool, Iron, Quily Blue Nut, Red Nut


Dead Branch, Slimy Gill Iron, Mary Blue Nut, Red Nut

Pauroar Core

5F "Esuna"

Gilt Wig

Round Pebble, Long Tongue, Memory of Wet Plant Broad, Wool, Liar33, Iron Blue Nut


Round Pebble, Thin Feather Guard, Iron, Wool Red Nut


Sharp Prickle, Round Pebble, Memory of Wet Plant Red Nut

Scisstar (Boss)

Layered Shell, Fairy Glass

Crayammer (Boss)

Hard Scissors, Fairy Glass

Tartarga Core

Field BossesEdit

These are incredibly powerful enemies that are not meant for rookies to face. They can easily one or two shot any player passing by and it is advised to avoid them as they do auto aggro.

Albero & Alma

Albero is a large tree monster with blue pupils. Sometimes the Alma, which is a variant of the Albero but with redder bark and red pupils, spawns instead of the Albero. Alma is identical in all was to the Albero attack-wise.
Where Found: Grasslands 2; Wibos (Floor 2)
  1. Shakes tree limbs onto nearby players (AoE)
  2. Rises a column of root spikes in front of it.
  3. Charges forward (stomping players)

Jabbawock & Greed

Where Found: Grasslands 3; Krips (Floor 3)
Jabbawock is a large purple dragon. Sometimes the Greed spawns instead of the Jabbawock. Greed is the redder version of the Jabbawock.
1. It leaps towards the player, clawing them
2. Slashes at players with a green burst of energy using its tail. (ranged attack)
3. It throws a large purple ball towards players. (ranged attack)
4. It summons purple poles surrounding him to kill players from the back front and side.
5. It turns halfway right before turning back to its former position, whacking the player while doing so.
Scisstar & Crayammer

Scisstar / Crayammer takes the appearance of a giant crustacean. It looks more like a lobster.

Scisstar is a red lobster-like crustacean while Crayammer is a gray variant of it.

Where Found: Wetlands 2; Esuna (Floor 5)

  1. Blows bubbles at the player
  2. Uses tail to stomp players
  3. Uses its pinchers to hit the player

Forneus & Eclipse

Forneus / Eclipse have the appearance of a large shark. They alternate their spawns.
Where Found: Wetlands 3; Sign (Floor 6) 
  1. Charges at player with ramming speeds
  2. Whips tail ferociously while shooting a ball of water out of its mouth.
  3. Fires a waterjet out of its mouth.
  4. Enters the water and comes out after 4 seconds. Hurts player if he/she stands on where the boss comes out.

Sylvia & Veks Hell

Sylvia / Veks Hell are bosses that are centaurs. Sylvia is mostly blue while Veks Hell is mostly red.

Where Found: Snowland 2 ; Knicks (Floor 8)


Vairgin & Distalion

Vairgin and Distalion alternate their spawns. They are animated snow statues of the Solain ruins. 
Where Found: Snowlands 3; Floor 9; Solain 


  1. Launches three rows of large gears
  2. Fires lasers with its mechanical arm
  3. Can teleport
  4. Hits the ground, launching waves of ice spikes

V Shnida & Exoria

V Shnida and Exoria alternate their spawns. They look like a large insect though with different colors 
Where Found: Cave 3; Digha (Floor 12) 
  1. Spits out webs
  2. Splits its body into sections then run around uncontrollably. The players get hit if the boss runs through them.
  3. Its body separates by flying then suddenly drops unto players, hitting them.
  4. Submerging into the ground before popping up, hurts the player if standing on where the boss comes out.
  5. Submerge into the ground before its tail pops out, which then moves around trying to hit you.

Lekos & Gadeious

Where Found:  
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