Rogue Edit

Rogues specialize in quick, light attacks. They're not as strong as Warriors, but they have the upper hand with speed. Later, they can unlock more powerful attacks.

Rogue classes can use One Handed Swords and Daggers. Both are one handed weapons and two can be equipped at a time.

Skills Edit

Throw Dagger Edit

Throw dagger is a long-ranged attack skill. Upgrades allow 3 consecutive daggers to be thrown in an attack. This skill is an active skill. Throw Dagger can be leveled up 10 times. Can be used with both Dagger and Sword.

Upgrade Branches Edit

  • A: Duration type. Equal in length and power.
  • B: Short Distance type. The range is shorter, the hit is stronger.
  • C: Long Range. The range as is said is longer, but not as strong.

Levels Edit

Each level costs Jexp. Each level requires more to upgrade.

  1. 168 Jexp
  2. 539 Jexp
  3. 1,624 Jexp
  4. 4,886 Jexp
  5. 13,720 Jexp
  6. 38,640 Jexp
  7. 100,660 Jexp
  8. 252,420 Jexp
  9. 608,160 Jexp
  10. 1,398,600 Jexp

Dodge Dagger Edit

Dodge Dagger is an attack skill that throws a stack of knives to the ground and can be used during a jump. To obtain this skill, you must have Lv 3 Throw Dagger already acquired. Dodge Dagger can be leveled up 10 times and can be used with both Swords and Daggers. This is an active skill.

Upgrade Branches Edit

  • A: Suppress the power and consumption of SP (6) and length of cool down time.
  • B: Increase fire power and range, but larger consumption of SP (9) and longer cool down time.
  • C: Enlarged attack range by single number of thrown daggers.

Levels Edit

These are the levels and what it costs to upgrade to each level.

  1. 224 Jexp
  2. 700 Jexp
  3. 2,044 Jexp
  4. 5,964 Jexp
  5. 16,198 Jexp
  6. 44,058 Jexp
  7. 111,020 Jexp
  8. 268,688 Jexp
  9. 623,420 Jexp
  10. 1,383,200 Jexp

Hiding Edit

Hiding is a skill used to render yourself invisible to your opponents. (other players can see your name still, unless its in a PVP match) Hiding is an active skill and can be used with both Swords and Daggers.

Upgraded Branches Edit

  • A: Increase time hidden (9 SP)
  • B: Defense increased but movement and time hidden is reduced. (9 SP)
  • C: Faster movement during hidden period, Longer hidden period, longer cool down time (12 SP)

Levels Edit